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Life is too short to waste it not living abundantly. 

I was born and raised in Southern California and transplanted to the high desert of Prescott, Arizona when I was a teenager. Even in the storms of life, I choose to look for the silver lining among the clouds. I believe everyone can live with purpose and joy. I'm here, hoping to join hands anyone that wants to do that.

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Things I’m Doing


Raising a Family

Supporting the Deaf School in Dominican Republic

Raising a Family

My most important life's work is raising my two kids, Isaak and Grace, with my husband Kip. Isaak and Grace have been my main focus for over 19 years. It hasn't always been easy, but I've seen the good and the bad, and decided to focus on the good.

Warning: proud mom ramblings in the next 2 paragraphs.

Isaak is attending Barrett Honors College at ASU and just started his sophomore year majoring in Industrial Engineering. 

Grace is a Senior at PHS next fall and is quite the baker. Check out her Instagram page at @BakedByGrace ! She also participates and leads a junior high group at Prescott Christian Church youth group, and is highly skilled at sign language, using this skill with us on our trips to the Deaf School in Dominican Republic. P.S. She bakes for hire so click below to find her on Instagram!


Tech Support

Supporting the Deaf School in Dominican Republic

Raising a Family

I’ve been working part time for Diane Lundgren and her Mary Kay team for over 3 years. I am proud to say I have built her website, managed her email marketing, and overall been her tech support and administrative help all while they’ve sold nearly 3 million dollars in Mary Kay over the 3 years! In 2017 alone, they sold 1 MILLION dollars in Mary Kay! WHAT?! Amazing. I love being in the office with Diane and working on tech stuff is my jam.

I am not a website builder, but I have a "particular set of skills" (photography, writing, an eye for design, and am tech obsessed) and can build sites through consumer site builders. If you ever think I could be a fit for your business or church to help with your website, I do build websites freelance through 1099s. Hit me up! To see my work, first know I did my own site, but also check out these other two I have done.


Supporting the Deaf School in Dominican Republic

Supporting the Deaf School in Dominican Republic

Supporting the Deaf School in Dominican Republic

In 2010, Kip went on a short term mission trip to the Deaf School in Dominican Republic.  It took until 2015 for us to make the trip to the DR, but when we finally did, we fell in love with the kids, the teachers, and the country. 

Deaf Dominicans are at an extreme disadvantage, socially, educationally, and financially. At CCES (the Christian Deaf School), they teach them sign language, give them an education, and teach them God's word. With the tools they give them, they are able to find belonging, value, and hope for their future.

 As a family, we have been going there every year since 2015 and I am currently the team ambassador for Heights Church, with whom we travel.

Our goal is to support the teachers and build relationships with them in order to encourage them, train them with new skills, and empower them to serve the students with dynamic teaching skills. In addition, the students come alive when we visit as they know we will be lavishing the unconditional love of Christ on them.

If you're interested in going on a trip or supporting those who go, please reach out!


Photography Support

I love photography and all the photos on my site are taken by me, but I needed some extra help with blog pics so I hired Alicia Weaver. Check her out on Instagram.

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