I didn't like coffee for a long time.

I didn't drink coffee till I was 35 years old!

Now that I drink coffee...

I'm kinda particular about it. If I had my way, I would only drink lattes.

If you're picky about your coffee like me...

Save $5 dollars a day by making your own lattes. $60 was a worthy investment to be able to make fresh espresso and not burn my milk every morning. 

How to make a Kelly Garashay Style Latte.


Espresso Maker

Make your own espresso at home forever for the same price as 6 Starbucks lattes.


Milk frothers turn your espresso into a latte or an Americano.

Practice your latte art with this handy machine. It warms, it froths, it's easy to clean. Boom.


Hydroflasks keep it hot.

I only drink my coffee in a Hydroflask. I'm sorry I'm so spoiled. Please forgive me, and then try it and you'll see why. No more microwaved coffee. 

Kelly Garashay Facebook Page

What is the Kelly Garashay FB Page about?


I am an Amazon Affiliate, which just means that if I promote their items, they will give me a small percentage promotion and marketing fee in return when purchases are made. 

The cool part is they provide PROMO CODES for thousands of items that are impossible to find without the Affiliate Account. 

I pass those PROMO CODES on to you on interesting products like clothes, electronics, gifts, some baby and maternity items, and household items. 

Go like my page, Kelly Garashay, to get in on the action and to laugh a little. I try to post fun stuff mixed in. 

Life is too short not to have a little fun!