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If you've ever felt like you're not qualified, not good enough, or just can't believe in yourself for some reason, I hope you'll download this PDF (for FREE) today.

Moses felt that way, too, and his story is here for us to learn from.

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Print it out today.

Print this PDF & grab your Bible (for maximum awesomeness). God wants to show you his track record with Moses who didn't feel qualified, but in fact, was the perfect person for the job.

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Just click the download below and print out the PDF. The first step on your journey to your next dream is right here.

Realigning your heart with God is the perfect start to any journey.


You Are God's Chosen Leader

The story of Moses teaches us how to depend on God for his purposes when we don't feel like we're the right person for the job.


Eres El Lider Elegido De Dios

La historia de Moisés nos enseña cómo depender de Dios para sus propósitos.


I learned this lesson personally.

When I planned to bring training to the teachers and staff at the deaf school in Dominican Republic last year, I felt like an imposter. I was teaching teachers, without having a degree or any experience at all, God had to do all the heavy lifting. I just brought my history, my gifts, and my preparations, and he did the rest. I hope you'll take a big leap and go for it, whatever you're dreaming of, because the benefits are indescribable.

Please let me know if you read this study and tell me what happens in your life. I am dying to see what God will do with women and men who are activated in their faith to lead and let God do the work through them. 

Moses led millions out of slavery.

What will you do?

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